Trending Top 10 SEO Off page activities & Techniques in 2023

Off page activities will always play a very major role to build backlinks for the website and help it to get better rank, there are lots of off page activities which can increase the off referral traffic as well as it can help to get better link juice and improve the your targeted keywords ranking.

  1. Guest Posting: Guest posting is a one of the best way of getting good quality links through your niche website. It is a kind of blog or article which you can publish on a website which has good domain authority and already ranking for your niche based keywords. You can check thousands of website and contact them through email to post your content on these of websites.
  1. Press Release : Press Release is also a good backlink generating technique but it is specific for the website which are sharing some update related to their business, so if you want to publish any information/update related to your business, offer or anything else then this is one of the best off-page activity
  1. Article Submission: Nowadays most of the user doesn’t believe that article submission is really work but it is 100% true that if you have a good content and you are sharing a good information then article submission is really help to get good referral traffic and also help to boost your keywords ranking.
  1. Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is one of the oldest but a good off-page activities which sometime help to crawl/index your page if it is not caching. It is also help to generate referral traffic for your website.
  1. Business Listing: Business listing is also a very important off-page activity which is really good for local as well as global business, through this activity you can share your contact details with user which also help for the brand building.
  1. Classified Submission: Classified is a kind of ad which can help to increase your sales, through activity you can describe your product or service with the price details and can attract the user for buying that product.
  1. Image sharing: Image sharing is not the very popular off page activities for all kinds of business but it could be helpful for some particular niche based business such as photographer, designers, product based websites.
  1. PPT Submission: Power point presentation can really help to describe about your business or organization, it would be describe your services as well, however there are very limited websites for powerpoint submission it could be consider a good off page activity.
  1. Blog Comment: Blog commenting is also a good backlink generation and off-page activity but it is would be really helpful if we are using it properly, to get live your comment you should be post specific comment according to the content otherwise it will not useful.

10. Video sharing: A visual sharing is always a point of attraction and video sharing is one of the best option for it, it you have the good videos which can attract the user then it would be best referral traffic generation activity.