Affiliate Marketing Company in India

Affiliate marketing is very popular marketing strategy which is based on performance. You know For affiliate we need three channels.


Affiliate Marketing is when exchange occurs between two brands or companies which trades of Reciprocal Links of their products on their respective websites termed as “sponsored post” or “affiliate link”.

If you wish to know about affiliate marketing, let’s see how it works.

First, you need to find an affiliate network or program which suits you. Look for the type of products or services, payment methods and commissions they offer under your suitable category.

If the website you visit suits to you, then sign up and wait for confirmation of your submission. When submission approved then start creating content over there. Add custom links that program provides. These links track when one of your user makes a purchase, and you’ll earn your commission.

You can start with individual companies or affiliate networks, where you can register yourself and choose the programs which suit you. These programs can be divided into categories to make selection easier. Once approved, start promoting your affiliate links on your website, newsletter, on social media and anywhere else, you are allowed to share links.

Networks or companies send you payments when you’ve earned the minimum amount. Payment methods can vary i.e. PayPal, UPI, Bank Transfer and cheques.

Let’s go in-depth at the parts of a effective affiliate marketing system.

The Merchant

‘The Merchant’ is known as the creator, the brand, the retailer, the vendor or the seller. This is the entity who creates the product. It can be any big brand in market like ‘Tata’.

Or it can be small individual i.e. KhanAcadmy.

From individual entrepreneurs to start-ups to a big fortune 500 companies, anyone could be merchant behind an affiliate marketing Program. They don’t have to be diligently involved. They just need to have a product to sell.

The Affiliate Marketers

This party is also known as the publisher. Publisher is a second block of this chain. It is company or individual person who helps to promote advertiser product or service through any combination offer, banner, or link in own website. For this favour, publishers earn some money (commission) or other benefit.

The Consumer

The Consumer or customer makes a affiliate system go round. Without sales there are no commissions to hand out and no revenue can be generated.

The affiliation market try to provide channel to consumer whatever channel suits to it’s consumer whether that’s a digital billboard, social network or thru search engine via content marketing on a blog.

The consumer must be aware that he/she is a part of an affiliate marketing system. Usual it can be informed by a short disclaimer like “if you buy items from this site, I may earn small amount of commission. Thanks for supporting our work.

The consumer doesn’t intend to pay the higher price to the affiliate publisher/marketer, as the cost includes the affiliate network retail price.

The Affiliate Network

Few people consider the network affiliate marketing. However, we believe that an affiliate marketing guide requires a network because in many cases, a network is an intermediary between the affiliate and the merchant.

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