why Website Traffic is important

Traffic is a most important part of any website. If you do not have good user/traffic, then you cannot imagine better or growing business. You can think like you have a Mall or showroom which running without crowds or customer. All online website owner or e-commerce portal owner want to improve your website traffic, but they know it is not an easy task.  Here we describe types of traffic and why it is most important for website owner.

How to improve website traffic and types of website traffic

Organic traffic-:

Organic traffic is most important for any website. You can improve your organic traffic through keyword ranking. Organic traffic always provides genuine users; improve your website presence and stable users number.

Referral Traffic:

Referral traffic is also important for website traffic, you can improve this traffic through various referral activities.

Direct traffic:-

Direct traffic improve your brand awareness, people visits your website directly. It show your website have created a brand.