PPC Company in Noida

Most of the companies provide you just  PPC  account management but herein , six soft media we provide you  much more . we work on the simple idea that how we can improve your add quality and increase ad click through rate and increase the chances of conversion.

PPC Company Noida


We try to optimize your PPC account  to focus in such a areas where lots of money can be made.

Our confidence simply increases from the reason that we have the knowledge of internet marketing  which allow us to focus on increasing on return of investment.

Our confidence comes from our advanced knowledge of internet marketing and pay per click advertising which allows us to focus on increasing your return on ad spend (ROAS) while decreasing your costs.

PPC Services Noida

PPC campaign Management service :

Other companies will tell you  how difficult it is to get pay per clicks due to many reasons. Many the amount spend on it  is not sufficient  or competition is tough.

We don’t say that we have some magic stick that does the magic for you but it our experience that help us to perform.

  • We know how to compete and where to invest.
  • We constantly monitor the achievement of our project, make constant refinement and try to upgrade the quality to the project as per the changing requirements and scenario.
  • We organize your PPC account.

As it is sometimes complex and tough procedure  to get pay per clicks that’s why we give more services than others. For this we do following things:

PPC  keywords research  :   We , firstly evaluate your product  and try to figure out the suitable key until we get average  search query volume (ASQV), keyword quality, relevancy, online commercial intent, competition, and cost.


PPC Management Services

PPC  Ad management :  we know the trick , ad is managed when it’s URL , initial keywords , text displays , headlines are properly arranged. We also do split-testing so that to search how the user have reached to your site.

PPC  Bid Management :  our method to get a profitable market and user using pay per click.

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