Important Ways to get Backlinks in 2023

Do you know that building huge numbers of backlinks can damage your domain authority and impact your business keywords ranking if you are doing it incorrectly. But if you are doing it properly then your website would be on top of the page of google ranking. You just need to build high-quality backlinks to increase your business keywords rankings and achieve noticeable results in SERP.

Industry experts always recommend us that we should build good quality contextual links, these type of links always help to get good quality backlinks from authority websites. Digital Marketing Company, Agencies should be follow it.

In this blog we are suggesting some our recommendation through which we can build some good quality backlinks and improve your website authority, citation flow, trust flow and many other factors. These type of link not only improve the above mentioned factors but also help us to get referral traffic and conversion as well.

But do you know we can generate the good quality backlinks and what are the content marketing activities to do it. Here are we are suggesting some activities, please check them.

1. Guest Posting:

Guest posting is one of the popular and important activity to get high quality link from your niche websites. To get the link from guest posting sites you have to follow below mentioned process.

1. Find relevant niche bloggers or blog
2. Approach them through social media or by email
3. Share your idea, experience and your blog topic
4. If blogger is ready to post your content then get the link on body or under author section.

If you want better results on cold outreach, it always works better when you warm up with your audience a bit before just reaching out. Start commenting on articles on the websites, start sharing their content on Twitter, and including their Twitter handle etc. This way, when you send an outreach email, they recognize your name, and it makes it easier to get accepted.

2. Create Infographics:

Aside from creating long, in-depth blog posts, which can take a lot of time, you can also use infographics to build links. An Infographics is a data-rich visualization of a story or thesis. Because infographic is visual, they’re one of the most shared content formats online. And you don’t need to be a pro designer to create an awesome looking infographic. There are several visual content creation tools that let you easily create infographics. Canva and Piktochart are one of them you can use for free.

3. Using Side projects to grow organic links:

Side projects can help you save your business (like Unsplash did for their mother company), but it can also get you a ton of backlinks when other people are writing about it.

4. Redirect your 404 pages with backlinks:

You just change 400s, 404s after that you can see all of the pages to your website currently that are having backlinks but the pages are no longer there. All you need to do is just simply 301 redirect that old broken page to a new relevant page, you are saving that authority that is being sent to your site. It is very easy and a lot of people forget about that one. It’s great.

5. 10x Content:

If you are creating something epic, something so good that it is at least 10 times better than your competitors that are currently ranking on number one of the search results page. People are inclined to change the links they have in their current articles to update with a better resource for their listeners.
Hope these 5 important ways to get backlinks will help you improve your website on Google Search engine.

Best of Luck!