Importance of Video for Getting More Business!

Still thinking that how a video can generate the business?  We will provide you some cool ideas that how videos can help you to generate more leads as well as increase your referral traffic and brand value.

Video Marketing Services
Video Marketing Services

Here are some examples:

Story 1: Being a digital marketing agency we are promoting a law firm and client was getting the organic traffic through SEO but most of the leads were not converting, so we focus on video marketing. Our client provides some of videos based on law sections. We created a YouTube channel for this firm and believe me on the very first month we received huge referral traffic and leads from there. Many users put their queries in comment section and we delivery large numbers of mature leads to our clients.

Story 2: Last year we got a client, who was providing the online tuition for competitive exams, he was getting the enquiries through local areas but he wants more traffic and he also wants to improve the brand promotion and social engagement, again we suggest that we need some online tutorial videos through which we can generate some referral traffic.

This time we upload the videos on following channels Youtube, Facebook, Instragram and in just 3 months (90 days) client received 2 lakhs views on these videos and become a popular brand in his area. Now he launched another facility for his students i.e. online tuition services through which he can target not only the local area students but students from the different-different states and globally.

Why Videos are important?

As we know if we want to learn something and understand a process then tutorial videos are one of the best options, event it is not limited for a particular business like law firm or education industry but it can increase the sales of any business.

Some other major factors are:

  • According to the industry expert video helps to take the decision of purchase as it describe well the service or product and make the chances higher for the sale.
  • Video engages more as compare to the images and text.