Google Added “Google News Performance” Data in Google Search Console

Now Google will allow you to dive into your news website is working in Google News. 

This time Google started a new reliable performance data in Google search console for a Google New publisher. This time Google search console will allow tracking their website page in Google search to the Webmaster tool. It will deliver extensive news related to content performance in Google News.

Performance Report of Google New

This report will show you the data and record of CTR, Impression, and clicks for your performance in Google news from Google news App (Android/iOS) and website, and further you can filter its device type, country, and page.

Check the screenshot of how this report looks like:

What this report doesn’t have 

This report does not have the “news tab ” in Google search, which is included in the performance data, Filtered to the new, Change its searched type – A report published by Google in July 2020 in Search console.

There you get more help document where you can learn many things.

Why we care about this report

This report is significant documentation for those website publishers who want to monitor their site performance in Google news. Using this report, you can get knowledge about impressions and clicks you are getting through the Google news from and Google news app (android/ios). This report will help you to create analytical data around Google news traffic.

No need to worry if you don’t see this report yet, It is probably rolling out by Google slowly. So such type of latest information or fresh update regularly visits our website which is working in a digital marketing company in Noida. We regularly update our blogs related to digital marketing.